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My name is Alex and I’ll be your D.I.G hostess.   When I’m not working as an anesthesiology resident, I spend my days working on all kinds of crunchy adventures.  Explaining how I got into all this, however,  requires some background on my personal health history.

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I’ve had chronic pelvic pain since I was 18 years old.  Pain, like any other illness, is a product of many systems in the body breaking.  For me, it was the culmination of a family history stacked with autoimmune diseases, a poor diet (mostly because I had recently become a kid in college), years of physically abusing my body from ballet, and major gut motility problems.  Needless to say, my late teens and early 20s were a time of great personal distress.

After years of bouncing between dismissive doctors (as an MD myself, I know the disdain that some doctors have against puzzling patients) and years of struggling with body image and self-prescribed treatments, it finally dawned on me that I wanted to turn my personal problems into a personal strength…and I decided to become the kind of doctor I myself would want to find as a patient.

What followed was 6 years of pre-med classes and medical school.  I threw myself into my work with great intensity. I spent late nights studying in the library and put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed.  I was under-eating and pushing through grueling workouts on limited sleep.  I was still struggling through the pelvic pain, but I was bolstered by the thought that I was turning it into somewhat of a life purpose.

Towards the ends of these years, not too surprisingly, my health began to take further turns for the worst.  I was feeling exhausted all the time, my moods were erratic, my hair was falling out, and after a particularly unpleasant trip to a reproductive endocrinologist, I discovered that my hormones were so out of whack that I was in no condition to even think about having a family any time soon.

It wasn’t until things had gotten this bad that I stopped to really realize what I was doing to my health.  This was a huge moment for me. Like most big epiphanies, it changed everything.  I uprooted how I ate, how I exercised, how I slept, how I thought, what products I used, and how I reacted to my environment.  I began to look at the world differently…how did the things and people I surround myself with have an impact on me? And how did I feel about that?  I did a lot of reading and learning and made strides to improve my health.

I consider myself lucky to have found so many resources that helped me turn my health around.  I had close to 10 years of beating up my body, however, and I’m not going to kid anyone into thinking that I’m done working on my health.  But it is because of my experiences that I wanted to create another resource that could help others figure out their own health problems.

In this website, I focus on all the different aspects of health.  I talk about how I go about fueling myself and my family with delicious paleo (aka: nutrient rich) foods.  This means that you’ll be able to see how I acquire healthfully grown produce and appropriately raised meats, as well as how I prepare them all.  Additionally, I’m an active food DIY-er so you’ll often find me making traditionally prepared goodies like sauerkraut and kombucha.

Given my medical background, there will also be many posts where I geek out on the science of health…and I hope you’ll join me in those discussions. You’ll also find many homemade beauty/skin/household products on my site and this is because I try to watch what I put on my body as much as what I put in it.  I hope that I am able to show people that having control over the products you choose to incorporate into your life is incredibly rewarding and completely worth getting your hands a bit dirty for.  Lofty goals aside, I work as a resident so you’ll also get a glimpse of how I try to balance all these things despite a busy work life and a limited budget (spoiler alert: it ain’t always going to be pretty).

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  1. Hi.
    I recently wrote to you about psoriasis, on Instagram, and you gave me some advice on how to treat it. I did what you recommended, aloe treatment and I made one of your shampoo recipes, plus added tea tree oil…. All I can say is THANK YOU!!! I am amazed at how quickly relief started. I only had done that two times before the itching was almost completely gone and it didn’t hurt at all like the shampoo you buy from the store. I’m still just in the beginning stages of this but I am so grateful for your advice and wanted to say thank you, SO much! 😊

    • Oh my goodness, I am so happy to hear that! Thanks for taking the time to let me know that those things have been working for you! Ive noticed a huge difference in my scalp and hair since going the natural route…wish I had found it sooner! 🙂

  2. Hi Alex, someone invited me to watch one of your scopes and now I’m a follower 🙂 It’s so good to get over here to your site and read your story. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all of your knowledge; you’re super helpful!

    • Thanks so much Colleen! That’s really sweet of you to take time to let me know! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂 I’m happy to do more periscopes on things people want to know more about specifically.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for creating an amazing blog!
    I have struggled with IBS for years and recently my body decided to totally freak out which led me to four different doctors, including three specialists, a myriad of tests, multiple diagnosis (including folliculitis, chemical allergies, celiac/dermatitis herpetiformis, and possible food allergies along with reccommended further testing) and no relief! Fed up and frustrated, I began experimenting with my diet (beyond eliminating gluten). This is what led me to your blog. One of the things that I appreciate the most about it is that you stress the importance not just of what you put in your body, but also what you put on it!

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